Re: Issue migrating from MySQL 5.7 to 8.0.20: Index/candidate part #0 for xyz already set

Page bloom

Thanks for those details. I'll try to debug this.

I assume that ColumnOrderedKey is used regardless of the number of columns in the index. i.e. it is used for single key indexes as well as composite key indexes.

I base this assumption on the table involved in the above exception having no composite key indexes in either the meta data nor the existing table: just three single key indexes: primary key, an index on a foreign key and an index on the classid column (discriminator column).

If the index name in the existing database was different to what is expected by DN would that cause this type of issue? I wonder if the algorithm used for forming the index name could have different behaviour under the new MySQL 8.x JDBC driver (Connector/J) or MySQL 8.x database.

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