Re: Envers-style Auditing in DataNucleus?


I can't say there'll be an easy way of doing any of this. You have to create separate tables, hence table creation handling. You have to intercept inserts, updates, deletes hence persistence handling. You have to provide a way of retrieval of objects of a particular revision hence new API calls.

First step is to define what tables would be created, mentioning how relations will be handled / stored. Without an outline "design" of what is required and whether that caters for all needs then there is little point in doing further. You could create an issue (datanucleus-core plugin for example) and write the details there, giving examples, persistable class X with 1-N join table relation to persistable class Y, so what tables are created, what is entered in these tables with sample persistence operations etc.

All persistable objects are of type Persistable. That has dnGetStateManager.

But then there may not be adequate callbacks to do all that is needed and it could be better to have an Audit interface with suitable methods on it, and an implementation for each datastore that it is required for. StateManagerImpl has a savedLoadedFields/savedImage which would have "old" values, but then why you would need them I don't get. But your design would demonstrate what is needed and why.

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