Re: Migration from Kodo: Any way to make it store foreign keys to later get already loaded objects from cache (for performance)?


Does mapped-by="id" have special semantics? Can a field that is not the primary key not be named "id"? If I have fields named "id" then mapped-by="id" will use the primary key instead of the field for joining.


<class name="Article" table="Article">
    <datastore-identity strategy="identity" column="ArtID"/>
    <field name="id">
        <column name="ArtItemID" allows-null="true"/>

<class name="ClearingItem" table="ClearingItem">
    <datastore-identity strategy="identity" column="ClitActivityID"/>
    <field name="article">                                             <!-- field of type Article -->
        <column name="ClitItemID" mapped-by="id" allows-null="true"/>

clearingItem.getArticle() will try to join with Article on ArtID instead of ArtItemID.

SELECT B0.ArtItemName,B0.ArtItemID,B0.ArtPrice,B0.ArtRevenueAccount,B0.ArtERPID,B0.ArtID FROM ClearingItem A0 LEFT OUTER JOIN Article B0 ON A0.ClitItemID = B0.ArtID WHERE A0.ClitActivityID = <3872418>

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