Multi Tenancy : find fails with a NPE on DN 2.5.6


I'm trying to use datanucleus.TenantReadIds at the EntityManager level, setting this property entityManager.setProperty(PropertyNames.PROPERTY_MAPPING_TENANT_READ_IDS, tenant);

As it doesn't seems applied, I look at PersistenceNucleusContextImpl:getMultiTenancyReadIds

public String[] getMultiTenancyReadIds(ExecutionContext ec)
if (multiTenancyProvider != null)
String[] tenantReadIds = multiTenancyProvider.getTenantReadIds(ec);
return (tenantReadIds != null) ? tenantReadIds : new String[] {multiTenancyProvider.getTenantId(ec)};

String readIds = config.getStringProperty(PropertyNames.PROPERTY_MAPPING_TENANT_READ_IDS);
if (readIds != null)
// Return the tenant read ids if defined (for context)
return readIds.split(",");

// Fallback to just the current tenant id for this execution context
return new String[] {ec.getStringProperty(PropertyNames.PROPERTY_MAPPING_TENANT_ID)};

Is it possible to read the PROPERTY_MAPPING_TENANT_READ_IDS from the EntityManger settings before doing the fallback ? 


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