Breaking change in CLOB columns in PostgreSQL coming from DN 5.2.2



I'm using Dependency-Track with PostgreSQL, which is built on DN. Dependency-Track recently switched from DN 5.2.2 to DN 5.2.6, making data in String fields annotated as CLOB inaccessible when stored in PostgreSQL. As far as debugged in the corresponding issue in Dependency-Track, the breaking change seems to be the transition from DN 5.2.2 to 5.2.3, more specifically issue 338 and the corresponding commit. The actual problem for Dependency-Track can be seen in this example project: data that was persisted with 5.2.2 cannot be read again after upgrading DN, since the column mapping changes from ClobColumnMapping to LongVarcharColumnMapping and the returned data only contains PostgreSQL's large object ID.

Reading the DN issue sounds to me like the previous behavior was considered a hack and probably even buggy, but the change - if it is responsible and I didn't miss anything - breaks previously working Dependency-Track. I didn't find anything regarding this in the migration guide.

In summary - and please correct me if I'm wrong - the pre 5.2.3 behavior is considered wrong and applications having stored data that way need to either migrate their data or explicitly revert to the previous behavior by overwriting the mapping via orm file.

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