Any way to configure "development" mode for DataNucleus to force it to reload class metadata?


I'm working on a fairly large, slow startup legacy application in which I am slowly trying to integrate DataNucleus.  I am also leveraging JRebel, which allows me to modify most classes on the fly without having to restart the application everytime.  For most business oriented logic, this works great.

However, with the DN persistence classes, DN seem to load the metadata into a cache/singleton of some sorts, which prevents me from modifying/reloading a class on the fly, and forces me to stop the application server everytime and relaunch it.  I've sifted through the code and couldn't see anything to enable this, nor did I notice anything in the DataNucleus Metadata Properties so I'm trying to find if there is another mechanism I can use to clear the Metadata cache and have DN reload it on the fly.

Similarly, I would be happy with any process that allows me to modify the persistence class and re-enhance it without needing to restart the application everytime.



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