Problems with extra N+1 requests - likely due to poor mapping defns, but not sure how to rectify


I'm having some strange RDBMS N+1 calls most likely due to my mappings, but am not sure if this is a DN Persistence configuration issue or a mapping issue.  I'm using MSSQL.

My problem is that I have an Object "Person" which has some audit fields "addPerson" and "modPerson".  Both "addPerson" and "modPerson" are simple N-1 relations.  Conceptually like the following:

       //  InheritanceStrategy=New-table
Class Person extends Audit{
   String name;
   int age;

 //  InheritanceStrategy=subclass-table
Class Audit{
AuditPerson addPerson;
AuditPerson modPerson;

Class AuditPerson{
   String username;

When I retrieve the Person (using a datastore identity), I see an SQL Query which selects the primitive fields but not the embedded Objects.  Something like:
    "Select name, age FROM Person where ID = 123".

When I try to convert to a DTO and read the `addPerson`, and `modPerson` fields, DN then launches the next queries:
  • select addPerson FROM Person where ID =123
  • select username FROM AuditPerson where ID = <>

  • select modPerson FROM Person where ID =123
  • select username FROM AuditPerson where ID = <>

So, essentially, because of the "lazy loading", it needs to requery the DB for the 2 FK values in the Person table before it can actually query the AuditPerson table.

Clearly, I suspect that this is due to issues in my mapping definitions.  I am working with old mapping files from Kodo, so I suspect there is something I haven't done correctly.

1) Is this normal/expected behaviour?  Is this due to the inheriteance model/hierarchy?  
2) Is this controllable via mapping configurations?
3) Is there a way to reconfigure the model such that I do not need the additonal independent queries to retrieve the FK values for the modPerson and addPerson.

I realize that this is difficult to diagnose without exact details and sample test case, but thought I would ask in the meantime while I try to reproduce the exact behaviour in a test app in case someone has seen/experienced this before.



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