Re: Problems with extra N+1 requests - likely due to poor mapping defns, but not sure how to rectify


Hi @Andy,

I have finally been able to reproduce my error in a test case for you,using the sample app that you provided.  I have created a PR in github back to your repo to illustrate the problem.

I am using an Abstract class with 2 subclass tables as my N-1 relation.  I do see a warning from DN that this is not fully supported so I don't know if that is the root cause, however, oddly enough, it works fine with transaction boundaries explicitly defined.

If, however, I use implicit transactions (and remove the `tx.begin()` and `tx.commit()`), the test fails with an endless loop and generates a StackOverflow issue.  I have traced down the issue into something in the `` as it tries to commitOnRelease, but get a little bit lost in the logic as to why the release is trying to iterate to the end of an open result set instead of just closing the result set as such.



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