DN 6.0.0-M1 released


DN v6.0.0.m1 is released.

Notable changes are
  • Minimum Java requirement v11. Upgraded ASM to v9.1 to provide for all current bytecode.
  • Support for Jakarta Persistence v3.0+ API. The JPA API is effectively discontinued at its current v2.2 and it continues life as Jakarta Persistence API. DataNucleus continues to support the JPA API v2.2 for those people who don't want to repackage annotations and API classes for little benefit. For those that want any future benefits from this API they can now make use of Jakarta Persistence API with DataNucleus. You can use metadata (XML/annotations) from any of the persistence specs (JDO, JPA, Jakarta) with any of the persistence API's (JDO, JPA, Jakarta) interchangeably with DataNucleus.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Report any problems in the normal way with associated testcase or, better still, get involved and provide Pull Requests.

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