the multi-morph feature of JPQL is not support when using jdoAPI?


We have :
@Inheritance(strategy= InheritanceStrategy.SUBCLASS_TABLE)
@DatastoreIdentity(strategy= IdGeneratorStrategy.SEQUENCE, sequence="jdoid_seq", column="ID")
@Version(strategy=VersionStrategy.VERSION_NUMBER, column="VERSN")
public abstract class SMSMessageAbstract{

public class SMSMessage extends SMSMessageAbstract{

@Inheritance(strategy= InheritanceStrategy.NEW_TABLE)
@Discriminator(strategy=DiscriminatorStrategy.CLASS_NAME, column="TYP", indexed="true")
@DatastoreIdentity(strategy= IdGeneratorStrategy.SEQUENCE, sequence="jdoid_seq", column="ID")
@Version(strategy=VersionStrategy.VERSION_NUMBER, column="VERSN")
public class SMSMessageProcessed extends SMSMessageAbstract{

When we execute:   select t from izone.adams.model.messaging.SMSMessageProcessed t where t.creationDate>=:p_startDate , we get expected result.
But when we execute:
select t from izone.adams.model.messaging.SMSMessageAbstract t where t.creationDate>=:p_startDate, 
we get exception:

org.datanucleus.exceptions.NucleusUserException: Unable to find table for primary t.creationDate since the class izone.adams.model.messaging.SMSMessageAbstract is managed in multiple tables.

When we execute the jpaql, we are using jdoapi, like:
Query query = pm.newQuery("JPQL", sql);
List results = query.executeResultList(SmsMessageAbstract.class);  //Or SmsMessageProcessed.class, depening on the jpaql. 

Our question is:   According to the above code, seems  jpql  doesn't support multip-morph query when using jdoapi.  Is this an known problem or it is an unexpected bug?

Thanks a lot for any answering.

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