Re: StateManager savedImage retains references - not the original values


I found the set of Proxy collections in the ``.  I don't see any state trackers in the SCO proxies that would retain the original values before they are modified.  Does anything like this exist in some other format?

I see that DN follows a very similar pattern/design to OpenJPA (and likely Hibernate/etc) with its Proxy objects, but OpenJPA uss a ChangeTracker on their Proxy objects to identify which objects in the SCO have been changed or modified.

How does DN identify which values in an SCO map need to updated if there is not equivalent ChangeTracker?  I cannot see/identify where/how within the DN Proxy objects DN is able to know which values need to be changed.

For instance, given a map of 1000 items, if I modify the value of one key, how does DN identify which key/value pair needs updating (as opposed to persisting the entire map again)?



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