Programmatic retrieval of a persistent class' discriminator

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Clearly we can associate a unique (usually integer in our case) class ID / discriminator to each persistent class.

Given that this class ID is always unique across all classes within our system I have found a use case where using that concise unique integer would be beneficial/optimal for use outside of persistence (e.g. concisely identifying classes across microservice linked components without having to supply a FQCN) - the trouble is, it's embedded in the metadata (.jdo) file at build time and I haven't been able to work out a convenient way of retrieving it at runtime.

Does the JDO API or any DN extension support, given a persistent class i.e. Class<>  (not an actual persistent object instance), retrieving the discriminator (ClassID) associated with that class?

I realize that the discriminator is not only optional but it also supports a variety of types, not just integer but perhaps there is an internal discriminator "object" that holds this info that we could extract from.

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