Spanner Adapter type conversion/matching problem


Hi everyone,

Recently I have created a pull request for Spanner database adapter. While running the Datanucleus tests I have encountered an issue which made me realize that I have not fully understood the type conversions.
In the Datanucleus tests there is a Person class with int age attribute. This field is correctly created as INT64 type in Spanner, but during a read, I get an error saying: it was impossible to set the field "AGE" type "java.lang.Long".
Looks like Spanner adapter considers this field as LONG java type while reading. As a side note, Spanner has a single integer type, which is INT64. In database metadata, it is mapped to BIGINT.

So here is my question. I have added sqlTypesforJdbcTypes which performs a mapping. But I also have registerColumnMapping which maps a java type to jdbc and sql type.
Could you please explain how the Java type, SQL type and JDBC type are related to each other? How does datanucleus make a decision on type mapping?

Best regards

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