Re: Generated dnProvideFields method appears to not handle case where fieldNumbers array is null (i.e. class has no attributes) in DN 5.1.6

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Passing an empty fieldNumbers native array does prevent the dnProvideFields method from throwing an IllegalArgumentException 

I can raise a pull request for a fix like this if you think it's reasonable: lines 2507-2517 
+                // In case class has no attributes pass empty array instead of null
+                if (fieldNumbers == null)
+                    fieldNumbers = new int[0];
                // This will respond by calling this.providedXXXFields() with the value of the field
                currFM = prevFM;

It is probably a simpler fix than changing the generated dnProvideFields method but making the change there might be more "correct" - and it might even reduce the size of the generated method, possibly speeding up enhancement of large persistent models (but maybe not significantly)

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