Is there any good documentation for how to add support for new data stores?


I am trying to add support for Oracle NoSQL DB, but I am not getting any good enough documentation.
I am trying to follow this link but I am not getting it clearly.
I also tried to go through JavaDocs like but it has hardly any description.
I also tried going through Abstract implementation's JavaDoc like but it also doesn't provides complete details. For eg. it doesn't explains StoreManager.OPTION_DATASTORE_TIME_STORES_MILLISECS option.
I also tried going through MongoDB's code, but it also doesn't have any descriptive comments. 

So is there any good link or documentation that has good enough information on how to add support for new data store?


Hello, "Good" is clearly subjective. Only you know what your experience level is, and so what you are needing.
Since it is left to one person to write such documentation, and that one person doesn't have a lot of time, then the first link is the primary place to use. This is really why documentation would be better written by people who use and develop with DataNucleus rather than someone who is heavily involved.

You don't give an idea of "what" you are not getting.

The "supportedOptions", are JDO/JPA features. Sure it would be nice to have javadocs for everything under the sun (all defined in StoreManager), but I just don't have time and try to make the names symbolise what they are for (so then Javadocs are not so critical).
If in doubt about what an option means, ask.
StoreManager.OPTION_DATASTORE_TIME_STORES_MILLISECS means does the database store milliseconds with a "Time" type, or is it just hour+min+sec? Some datastores don't.


Hello Andy, thanks for your quick response. I appreciate your effort and dedication, I know how difficult it is to do all the things single handed.
Sorry for not being clear, what I meant by "good" was, is there any better (more descriptive) documentation (which explains every field and method, and their need), which now I know is not there. Initially I was expecting a tutorial type guide, which takes you through an example implementation of an abstract data store, but it is too much of an expectation from my side. I have many doubts, but I need some time to formulate them and ask. Thanks again.