Cassandra AutoAdd Column Fails Due to Wrong Syntax in Generated Query

Mark F


It looks like the CassandraSchemaHandler in the 5.1.0-release build does not have the appropriate cassandra CSQL for adding a column to the table.

I am getting a sql error when the auto column creation is used to a new column to a table.

ColumnMetadata colmd = getColumnMetadataForColumn(tmd, column);
if (colmd == null)
// Add column since doesn't exist
StringBuilder stmtBuilder = new StringBuilder("ALTER TABLE ");
if (schemaName != null)
stmtBuilder.append(" ADD COLUMN ");
stmtBuilder.append(column.getName()).append(" ").append(column.getTypeName());
It looks like it is incorrect to add the COLUMN text after the ADD statement.

13:07:08,580 (localhost-startStop-1) DEBUG [DataNucleus.Datastore.Schema] - Creating table using "ALTER TABLE [removed table name] ADD COLUMN settings varchar"
13:07:08,583 (localhost-startStop-1) ERROR [DataNucleus.General] - Exception in schema generation
com.datastax.driver.core.exceptions.SyntaxError: line 1:52 extraneous input 'varchar' expecting EOF

There is no column keyword here.



Maybe nobody ever needed to use that code before?, or maybe CQL used to have something in an earlier version, can't remember.
If it is of importance to you, fork the repo and contribute a pull request and it can then be fixed. Thx