Datanucleus with Informix


Dear colleagues:

I am developing a project with Spring Boot and Informix IDS 7.31TD9, but I find that I cannot connect to the database.
I tried to load the dependencies of all the versions of Informix that are in the Maven repository and it did not work, nor did the strategy of loading the Informix JDBC 3.00JC3 jars in the project classpath, which have allowed me to connect from JavaEE 7 projects.
I need to know if Datanucleus supports this version of Informix, and if yes, if there is documentation to replace Hibernate in Spring Boot.
Thank you in advance for your attention.


DataNucleus has a datastore adapter for Informix, shown here. This was developed quite a few years ago by someone, who also provided these docs specific to the Informix adapter.
I don't have Informix so can't comment on how up to date it is. But then you haven't presented any meaningful information about what the "problem" is. A problem has an error message for example. DataNucleus (RDBMS) requires a valid JDBC driver to connect to the database.

What you do in "Spring Boot" you'd have to ask the people who develop that. DataNucleus is simply a standards compliant JDO / JPA provider providing support for those APIs


Thanks for your information Andy!

Is very important for me.