Multi Tenancy : user belonging to several tenant



I'm looking again at how to segment data based on user "profile". An easy to understand concept is to imagine an organisation with subsidiaries, each having departments, departments organized in teams.
User can belong to any and potentially several of the organizational unit. The CEO belong to the root organization, a Director to a subsidiary, and a worker to one or several teams.

The idea is a user can see everything of belong to it's organization unit and sub-units.

I had a look at Multitenancy. That looks great but the filtering seems based on an exact match (=).

Are there anything else which can help ? 




DataNucleus does standard multitenancy, as defined in the docs. A user is running the PMF/EMF and so on creation of a record the record is tagged against that user. Read is for data for that user ... an exact match.

The only difference (extension) to that is what is in this issue regarding datanucleus.TenantReadIds.

Require anything else means you get the code ...